A rich history; from bread to beer…

Warehouse Brewing Company, is located in the historic Westin Bakery building in Regina’s equally historic Warehouse District. The Weston’s Bakeries building has deep roots in the Queen City. It’s been a fixture in the Warehouse District for more than 100 years.

The bakery first opened its doors in 1914. They did close for a while during the First World War and reopened again in 1938. Weston Bakeries stood as a fixture in the area until 2012, when they closed their doors for good, making way for new life to be breathed into the market.

The north side of the building (Warehouse Brewing Company), was once used for stables, as 30 horses were kept to deliver the loaves of bread to local homes and businesses.

Today’s Warehouse District is a mixture of old and new, past and present. In keeping with its namesake, the area is home to a number of historical buildings that feature Chicago-style warehouse architecture, many of which were built in the early 1900s.

An example of this is, Historic Dominion Park, which served as the original home of the Regina Rugby Club, predecessor to the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 1910 to 1917 before becoming a Sears Outlet Store. Regina’s Warehouse District has witnessed many changes over its life span. Led by Bev Robertson, Regina’s Old Warehouse District Association (ROWDA) was established in 1998 as a non-profit, member-based entity to promote the development of the area. In March 2003, Regina City Council passed a bylaw leading to the formation of Regina’s Warehouse District, and the preservation of this local treasure.