Gourmet Soda is an easy sell that would appeal to adults who want an alternative to alcoholic beverages, and, of course, to kids. They consist simply of sugar, water, flavors and CO2. Just mix it up in the kettle, pump it into the bright tank, carbonate, and keg it off – no fermentation time required. This allows the brewery to continue to produce revenue-generating products when fermentation tanks are occupied.

 Flavors could include: Root Beer; Ginger Beer; Cherry Vanilla Cola; Lemon Ginger Ale; Spiced Blood Orange; Tropical Fruit Punch.


Low calorie refreshing beverages are currently the fastest growing alcohol segment in Canada. We would have to look at the local laws (refreshing beverages are a different manufacturer license in BC) but it could do well in cans. Buy 95.6% alcohol blend, add water and flavor, CO2, and can or keg. Just some of the options could include: Vodka Soda; Hard Root Beer; Hard Lemon Ginger Beer; Radler.

Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage commonly made from rye bread, which is known in many Central European, Eastern European and Asian countries and especially in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine as black bread. The color of the bread used contributes to the color of the resulting drink. Given that our operation is based in an iconic Canadian bakery operation, this product is a natural fit. From Bread to Beer…