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Our core beer menu will include the following traditional styles of beers



Medium malt character with low caramel character derived from the use of roasted crystal malts. Our amber is characterized by American hops, which lend the notes of citrus, fruit and pine to balance the sweetness of the malt.

5.1% ABV 45 IBU

Old Factory Dampfbier

Light is colour with a toffee maltiness with a dry finish. There is a light banana and clove yeast character from the traditional German weizen yeast.

5 ABV  25 IBU

Grain Elevator Hefeweizen

The hazy with crisp bread like wheat backbone and banana clove flavors from the traditional German weizen yeast strain. This ale pairs well with fruits, breads and pizzas, and a sunny patio.

5 ABV  11 IBU

Save The brick BLONDE ALE

One of the most approachable styles, our blonde ale is an easy-drinking beer that is visually appealing and has no particularly dominating malt or hop characteristics. Rounded and smooth, it is an prairie classic known for its simplicity.

4.9% ABV 20 IBU

bay door #8 Eastern IPA

An Indian Pale Ale with a full body, orange and citrus fruit flavours. The blend of American and New Zealand hops gives the beer a balanced bitterness with a citrus and tropical aroma and notes of mango.

5.3% ABV   32 IBU

Tape measure Schwarzbier

Deep dark brown in colour with a rich malty chocolate coffee flavours. This dark lager has a clean crisp fermentation. That pairs well with red meats, rich creamy desserts, and cool nights.

5% ABV   24 IBU